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Our Leadership Team is the driving force behind our company's culture of excellence.

Vansh Kumar Rajput is a visionary corporate leader with over 6 years of rich and diverse industry experience, currently serving as the Executive Director and CEO for North & West India at Spearkraft. His journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation and impactful solutions for both brands and governments.

Vansh's entrepreneurial spirit became evident early in his career when he founded TRM Mediacom. Here, he successfully led a multifaceted company encompassing a production house, a publication, and an event management company. This marked the beginning of a journey filled with achievements and innovative ventures, setting the stage for a narrative that unfolds with numerous successes and groundbreaking initiatives.

Vansh Kumar Rajput
Vansh Kumar Rajput

Vansh Kumar Rajput

Executive Director and CEO - North & West India, Spearkraft Group

Beyond organisational boundaries, Vansh left an indelible mark in his corporate journey while working with renowned MNCs. At Scholastic, he strategically amplified the company's online presence, leading impactful social media campaigns. His journey reached new heights as a Public Relations Consultant at Avian WE, where he oversaw media campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands and fostered connections with influencers and journalists, fortifying his clients' industry presence. This chapter in his professional trajectory speaks volumes about his exceptional skills and impactful contributions to the corporate landscape.

Following these triumphs, Vansh founded Spearkraft, charting new territory that showcases not only his resilience but also his creativity and unwavering dedication to pioneering initiatives that transcend conventional boundaries. His commitment to innovation extended further with the establishment of India's First Influencer School, equipping individuals with essential skills for success in various aspects of life.

A proud alumnus of Amity School of Communication, Vansh's dedication to academic pursuits and extracurricular activities is truly commendable. Inspired by his experiences in The National Cadet Corps - The youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces, Vansh seamlessly incorporates values of strategy, discipline, and integrity into his approach. Beyond academics, he passionately engages in creative entrepreneurship, art, and culture, maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle through interests in the gym and sports like hockey and boxing. This multifaceted engagement not only underscores his academic excellence but also highlights his proficiency in leadership, teamwork, and a diverse range of interests.

Vansh's passion for creativity, research, and leadership is matched by a commitment to continuous learning. With a pragmatic approach to business and an unwavering commitment to achieving perfection, he is dedicated to his mission of driving impactful change on a global scale.