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Our Leadership Team is the driving force behind our company's culture of excellence.

Soumyabrata serves as the Executive Director of the Spearkraft Group of companies and the CEO for East and South India. An eminent brand consultant and media advisor, Soumyabrata has consulted clients in diverse industries, such as Hospitality, Education, Non-Profit (CSR), Fashion and Lifestyle, Beauty and Personal Care, E-Commerce, Enterprise Technology (B2B), Consumer Technology (B2C), Automobile, and FMCG. He has advised large corporations and government bodies, notably the Government of India, the Government of Delhi, and the Government of West Bengal. He is dedicated towards a future where every small business, whether individual or family-run, plays a pivotal role in strengthening the country’s economy. His unwavering commitment to excellence earned him the prestigious 'Indian Achievers Award for Young Entrepreneur' in 2021 from the Indian Achiever's Forum.

Soumyabrata Sengupta

Executive Director and CEO - East & South India, Spearkraft Group

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Soumyabrata embarked on a journey that seamlessly weaved through diverse sectors, including media, communications, and education. Post his schooling and training with the Indian Army, he ventured into the corporate world, leaving an indelible mark during stints at Avian WE and Zeno Group. Before Spearkraft, Soumyabrata founded TRM Mediacom, a media company encompassing a successful production house, a publication, and an event management company. TRM Mediacom's success story is now an integral part of the Spearkraft Group, testament to Soumyabrata's strategic acumen and innovative approach.

His dedication to revolutionizing education led to the establishment of India's First Influencer School under the Spearkraft umbrella. Spearkraft Academy has touched the lives of over 50,000 individuals, unlocking their true potential and forever changing their lives. He is passionate about skill-based learning and applied education, which will empower students and individuals to discover their true potential.

A proud alumnus of Amity School of Communication, Noida, Soumyabrata's academic journey was marked by excellence, earning him the 'Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan Scholarship' for academic merit and the 'Achievers Award for Best All Rounder'. Earning the coveted All India Rank-2 in the Services Selection Board, his experience with the Indian Army for Basic Military Training instilled in him values of strategy, discipline, and integrity. Soumyabrata is a skilled business leader having completed the 'Smart Manager Programme' from the Confederation of Indian Industry and the 'Leadership Programme' from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Soumyabrata's leadership extends beyond business, as he actively engages with non-profits like Piramal Foundation. He believes in giving back to causes close to his heart, particularly in the realm of education. Beyond the boardroom, Soumyabrata's passions include creative entrepreneurship, art, horse riding, boxing, golf, and shooting sports. His diverse interests reflect the depth of his personality and the creativity that fuels his innovative approach to business.